13 July 2024


9 am to 1 pm

What is SChL?


Online and accessible, all at your fingertips.

Feel the rush of adrenaline from the comfort of your homes or at your team's meeting place. All that's needed is a working computer and a stable Internet connection.


Teamwork makes the dream work.

Connect with like-minded students who share your passion for chemistry to strategise, discuss problems, and most importantly - have a blast!

Form teams of 3, 4 or 5 students. All students in Junior College or equivalent are welcome to participate.


the sky is your limit.

At SChL, we don't test your ability to define the enthalpy change of formation from memory. We encourage you to use any tools or reference materials to supplement your existing knowledge, so you can focus on your problem-solving skills to approach our wide range of intriguing questions.

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Tips and Resources



Do expect a mix of theoretical and puzzle-based problems, covering the physical, inorganic and organic areas of chemistry Some problems may have informative preambles to provide extra context, others may include chemistry-related puzzle clues inspired by games, but all of them are sure to be fun!

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The examinable syllabus will largely follow that of the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO). However, the final core problems may expose you to content beyond the syllabus, so don't be afraid to explore!

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Meet the Team

Some of us are working, some are studying, and some have been serving the nation since graduating from Junior College. Yet we've all found a common passion for chemistry, from the natural phenomena around us down to the intricate molecular complexity that explains our world. We hope that SChL can be a welcoming and accessible experience for all of you, to take a deep dive into fascinating higher-level chemistry and of course - have fun together!

Organising Committee of SChL 2024

Timothy Chek Jun Hou
Lead Developer
Brennan Nathanael Ting
Outreach Head
Zhou Xinhao George
Communications Head
Lin Bohan
Lead Graphics
Dillion Lim
Lead Editor
Wang Jiahua

SChL is supported by the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC).

SChL is sponsored by Jane Street Capital.

This July, Jane Street will be running the WiSE program at its Hong Kong office, for female and gender-expansive high school grads who are joining University in the Fall of 2024. The application deadline is 12 May 2024.

More information can be found at the link here.

SChL was originally inspired by (but is not directly associated with) the Singapore Physics League (SPhL).
If you enjoy SChL, you would probably enjoy SPhL too, so do check it out!