Registration has opened!

Please refer to the following process to register for SChL:

Competition Timeline

26th May, 2023

Registration opens.

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11th July, 2023

Registration closes.

Trial Run22nd July, 2023

Competition trial run.

Start29th July, 2023, 9 am – 1 pm

Competition starts!

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EndSeptember, 2023

Results to be released.


Process of Registration

Your application will go through your school's teacher-in-charge before reaching us.


Action to be taken!

  1. Form teams of 3-5.
  2. Come out with a memorable team name.
  3. Email your teacher-in-charge.

Things to take note of

Please abide by your school's internal deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.


Is there a limit on the number of teams from the same school?
Participation from all students is encouraged! So there is no limit on number of teams!

Can the team comprise of students from different levels?
Junior College or equivalent students from different levels are permitted to join SChL as a single team. Indeed, it is encouraged so students from different levels can bond and have fun in this very exciting chemistry competition! No special procedure is needed for registration here, as your teacher will always send us the level of every participating student.

Can the team comprise of students from different schools?
As SChL is a new competition, we wish to keep administrative matters simple by limiting team members for each team to one school only. However, we will slowly allow a greater team diversity in the forseeable future when we have completed administrative issues at hand.

The deadline for schools to submit their finalised list of teams is 11 July 2023. Your school will likely have set an earlier internal deadline - please check and follow this.

A few weeks after the registration deadline, we'll send more information to your registered email address - check your spam folder too!